Sterling International - Lied as to their quality of their product

Glendale, Arizona 3 comments

Stay away from Sterling International from Las Vegas, NV. They claim to provide the consumer with good quality adult dvd's, nothing is futher from the truth.

Found 10 out-of 10 to be of such poor quality and content that of a bad VHS TAPES. I contacted Stering International as to their return policy and their response is that they would replace any bad/defective dvds but would NOT provide refunds. This company is incapable of producing a quality product.

Stay as far away from this rip-off as you can, do NOT respond to their mailers. Fore warned is fore armed.



From flyer, I selected girl , girl free dvd. I received girls urinating at different locations .


Don't view adult videos. Obviously the people who pose, write, edit, produce and distribute this immoral filth are not honest. We do not think of Sodom as being honest and fiscally sound just prior to the Lord raining fire and brimstone on it: Genesis 19:1-29, 2Peter 2:6, Jude 4-23, etc.

to mgtenter95 Pleasanton, California, United States #688301

Anyone who buys and views *** deserves to be swindled by other worthless losers selling such garbage!

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